Melfior Ra -a celestial messenger
A spirit, An Initiate, A Women and a Pseudonym

      Melfior Ra is a normal person, a woman in this lifetime. She is modest. Through a lot of interior work, initiation and will power she became able to have extracorporal experiences. She became able to do astral journeys in other dimensions and this is how she met new forms of life. She knows her past lives and she is able to visit her Ancestral Base from where her spirit came many of thousands of years ago.
      Through astral travelling and time regression Melfior Ra was able to discover and write about many mysteries of the Earth and its civilisations. She described when, how and who had built the "Great Pyramid" named initially "THE CELESTIAL LIGHT PYRAMID". She knows all these details because she worked as an architect of the Great Pyramid and her name in that lifetime was Melfior RA.
      In her work she brings to public awareness many information about the future of the humanity and our mother Earth. All this information is received trough telepathic communications with highly evolved spirits from other dimensions.
      Her books and her regular articles in specialized magazines in which she is asked to answer to a great number of letters from her country Romania and abroad, shows once again her great popularity between the people who came into contact with her vibration.

Ion Tugui  

From Light a Being of Light came out...

      "Melfior Ra, citizen of the city of Deva, Romania is one of the messengers that has the mission to show people what lies behind appearances. Even the name of her city Deva takes our mind to spiritual heights because "deva" in Sanskrit means "LIGHT" and "LIGHT BEING".
      Is predestination real? The actions in one's life can show that in broad terms there is predestination and this is more obvious as one is more advanced on the spiritual path. As you go higher on the initiation path predestination will occur.
      Better said, once you choose the path opportunities will appear in conformity with the path. You cannot choose another path. From this point of view Melfior Ra is for her human fellows an authentic shining lighthouse which, in the darkness of human consciousness suffocated by unfolding of the Apocalypse, lights and shows the Way that we should go"

Count Incappucciato


Pictura cu Cetatea Devei la 1800

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